Modernise Your Built-In Wardrobe with These 5 Simple Tips

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Trends change, but they always borrow from the classics. Why not repurpose what you’ve already had built in to fit your changing style or needs? Don’t fret if the materials, colours and shape of your current built-in wardrobe just don’t do it for you anymore – there’s still hope.

At Bentley’s Wardrobes & Kitchens, we help clients pick wardrobe styles that suit their tastes everyday. So we decided to share some of our secrets on how to update your built-in wardrobe.

  • Make it Practical

Have you ever thought that maybe there are options beyond the traditional hinged door? Well, we have! You could:

  1. Opt for sliding doors to cover the unit rather than a hinged door. This saves space, because the door is contained inside the unit and there’s no need to worry about the door or door-knobs falling off.
  2. Transparent glass doors allow you to see what’s inside the wardrobe before you even open it. If you’re a little forgetful, this should come in handy. The change eases pressure on the hinges, because you won’t need to open every door to check what’s behind it. It also adds a new-age feel to the room and looks great if you let some sunlight in.
  • Revive the Colour

A good paint job does the trick. Buy some sandpaper, paint and varnish to perform this subtle resurrection. Update your built-in wardrobe’s colour to keep up with the rest of your evolving interior decor.

You can also explore with wallpaper – add a creative flair to your space. A pop of colour in a monochrome room is very chic.

  • Travel Through Time with Modern Mirror-Doors

Ditch the traditional mirror inside your wardrobe and turn the wardrobe doors into mirrors themselves. You can look at yourself and dash out as needed without opening and closing the wardrobe.

The room will look larger and more modern because of the shiny finish. If you’re worried about children running around and touching the mirror-doors, you can change just the top part of the doors into mirrors.

  • Make a Material Change

Explore different door materials to complement your decor style. If a dark wood isn’t working anymore, try a brighter coloured wood, vinyl, aluminium or laminated door to switch it up.

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