Maintaining Your Dream Wardrobe

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Recently I’ve become obsessed with cleaning videos on YouTube, so I thought this is a perfect time to give our customers some tips and tricks in keeping your new wardrobe looking fresh and functional for years to come.

Here at Bentley’s Wardrobes & Kitchens regardless of the style and price your wardrobe will usually be made of melamine, polyurethane, glass and aluminium. Overall these products are durable and easy to maintain and with most of us working and caring for our families we cheer at the thought of low maintenance.

Bentley’s Wardrobes and kitchens always uses high quality products, one such brand is Polytec an Australian based company specialising in Board, laminate and melamine, we use their products for internal shelving, end panels, packing and sometimes even your sliding doors.
Our other popular material is polyurethane; a two PAC paint system which is sprayed onto MDF then baked has started to become extremely popular in both kitchens and wardrobes for it variety of colours, finishes and overall durability is used on the outside of the wardrobe instead of melamine for doors, panels, open shelving and capping although this is usually more expensive then your standard melamine, the maintenance is fairly similar.

We also offer glass sliding wardrobe doors with a aluminium frame and track. Depending on the colour of the glass selected this can be both high and low maintenance.

Cleaning Tips

Melamine & Polyurethane: Using a soft cloth such as a damp microfibre or Chux with a mild household multi-purpose cleaner wipe down the panel, ensuring to not rub too hard (this can cause the melamine to wear especially your gloss or sheen finish). Take a dry cloth and dry the area as the boards are not completely waterproof. If spills do occur ensure they are mopped and dried immediately as they can cause swelling if left for a long period.

Black glass sliding doors

Glass Doors: Bentley’s Wardrobes and kitchens suggests using a high quality glass or window cleaner such as Windex for mirrors and black glass as they show smudging and water marks easily. Coloured glass, opaque and white glass are usually don’t show the smudging and dust as much so we recommend these if you don’t have time to clean as regularly. Bentley’s Wardrobes & Kitchens glass meets Australian standards, they include a film on the back which in the case of glass breaking it will not fall apart but keep together making it safe and easy to replace if required.

Aluminium Track and Frame:
Bentley’s Wardrobes & Kitchens use aluminium again to Australian standards. Colours such as black, white and cream are powder-coated meaning they are resistant to minor scratching and damage, we also offer gold, matt and polished silver. We recommend vacuuming the track the doors sit in whenever you vacuum the area. We also recommend using a damp cloth and wiping the track every month to give it an extra clean and avoid wheels sticking. If you do have indoor pets with thick or long coats please remember to clean the tracks on a regular basis as wardrobe tracks tend to attract pet fur (just like white couches).

We hope you’ve found this information helpful, please remember Bentley’s Wardrobes & Kitchens offers a 12 year Guarantee on all products. We also encourage our customers to visit our showroom located at 6/20-21 Lambridge Place, Penrith to view Bentley’s quality kitchens and wardrobes.


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