Kitchen Design Trends We’ll See In 2019

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Planning on giving your kitchen a much-needed makeover in 2019? Then you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to designs and options. As luxury kitchen cabinet designers and distributors in Penrith, this is a topic that piques the interest of Bentley’s Wardrobes and Kitchens. Use the ideas listed below to get inspired to create … Continue reading “Kitchen Design Trends We’ll See In 2019”

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Modernise Your Built-In Wardrobe with These 5 Simple Tips

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Trends change, but they always borrow from the classics. Why not repurpose what you’ve already had built in to fit your changing style or needs? Don’t fret if the materials, colours and shape of your current built-in wardrobe just don’t do it for you anymore – there’s still hope. At Bentley’s Wardrobes & Kitchens, we … Continue reading “Modernise Your Built-In Wardrobe with These 5 Simple Tips”

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